Summer Term

This Summer Term we are looking at Oceans and Seas around the world. We are doing the plastic challenge this June to raise awareness of the pollution plastic can cause in the oceans and the devastating effects on the sea life. We are also investigating sea creatures and their endangered status as well as the global warming that is causing sea levels to rise. We will be using iMovie to promote this awareness making an advert in ICT,  using watercolours to create seascapes in Art and co-ordinates in Numeracy to answer under the sea problems and learning the world oceans in World Around Us.



We are intergalactic space explorers in SPL4... We are going to find out about the International Space Station and satellites. Explore the lives of astronauts and use our creativity to create artwork, models and music. Whilst also observing our earth from space using ict and being a newspaper reporter at a space shuttle launch.

We had great fun during 'Science Week 2017'

We have been practicing our handwriting!

We have been practicing our cursive handwriting!

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