Miss Kee - Year 3

Spring Term

Home’ can mean many different things to different people. In year 3 we are exploring the concept of home by looking at houses around the world, in the past and present. We are investigating representations of homes in art and literature. We have discussed the inter-relationships within the home and the difference between a house and a home.

We have built our own houses and been on a walk around the area to look at different houses and homes in and around Knockmore!

We are studying and researching where the Arctic and Antarctic are and what animals live there! We are finding out if we are taller than penguins, by measuring ourselves and then measuring different types of penguins that we have researched.

We are going to do some experiments... Rubbing our hands in butter to find out if blubber keeps animals warm and also observing how fast ice melts in different parts of the school, this will help us learn about global warming and climate change!