Our school day

Our school day officially begins at 8:55am.

Children are supervised from 8:45 am in the playground, hall or classrooms.


Breakfast Club is available from 8am-8.40 (Children then go out to supervised play until the bell rings)


8.55am - School starts

10.30 - Healthy Break

10.45 - Playtime

11.00 - Back to class

12.00 - Lunchtime

12.45 - Back to class

2.00 - P1 & P2 Finish unless staying for after school clubs

2.00 - P3 Finish, on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

3.00 - P3 Finish, on Monday & Tuesday for additional Learning

3.00 - P4-7 Finish unless staying for after school clubs

3.00-4.00 P5 on Tuesdays stay for literacy support

Click here to have a look at the ETI Inspection Report from January 2011.