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Knockmore Primary School

Term 1

Year 5/6 have been working hard this term…

Here we were using the draw a picture strategy in our Maths Problem Solving!

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day 2021 with lots of fun activities, including experimenting to make huge sweets for Willy Wonka!

We have been learning about The Olympics, from the ancient Olympics to the modern day games. 

We had lots of fun taking part in a STEAM Kite-making workshop and then flying our kites over half-term!

Playing some Literacy and Numeracy games...

As part of our Material World topic, we have been looking at the properties of materials. We investigated which materials were magnetic and what makes a material magnetic…

We have been learning about Changes of State - how some materials are solids, others are liquids, while others are gases. We also created our own horrible ooze, a non-Newtonian thixotropic fluid, which behaved in a strange way! When we tapped it, it seemed hard - like a solid, yet when we poured it - it was runny like a liquid.  We could even roll it into a ball and when we stopped, watch it flow into a slimy liquid again!