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Mothering Sunday (Revd. Nicholas Dark)

22 March 2020 (by Mr Deery (SPL4))

'God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear...'  

(Psalm 46:1-2) 


Message for Mothering Sunday 2020  


I am writing today as chair of your Board of Governors. Today, Mothering Sunday is a day that in the church calendar, we celebrate and thank God for the love and care that is evident within our families and within the community. In essence we set aside a day each year to celebrate and to say thanks for Love in Action. I have often heard it said, that everyday should be Mother’s Day such is the care and love they bring into our lives.  

Today is a day to be thankful, for that Love in Action but not just in your home or mine but in our community.  Remember, be thankful and support those in the frontline today and by that, I mean those who work in the health service, nursing homes and care workers. There are many of them within the community, and you will know who they are, you know their families, please pray for them and support them in their work. 

Please remember that this is also an incredibly difficult time for those working in education. Remember, be thankful, and support those in Education today, an essential service for our children, a vocation and calling to those who populate the classrooms to educate our children. Many a tear was shed as schools closed last Friday and that is a reflection of that calling to educate, their understanding of just how challenging this is going to be for the rest of this academic year. In this time of emergency they will be seeking at school to support the key workers in our society by providing child care. The demands placed on them over the last week and the anticipated pressures of the week ahead cannot be underestimated. Please be caring of your principal, your teachers and all the support staff in our schools. They are examples of Love in Action on this Mothering Sunday as they prepare to care for the children of our key workers, and continue to educate your children and our pupils at home through distance learning.  

You will know that the regular pattern of school life has been put on hold. Your children’s teachers know just what that means to each child that comes through the school gate. They know what each child is missing, they understand the stresses this is bringing to your child and they will be doing their very best to continue your child’s education within the restrictions placed upon us. They are working to meet your child’s educational needs and this is a monumental challenge. Please support and encourage them as they adapt and develop their response to this emergency, for them and us this is a blank page and we together are painting a new picture of education.   


This is a time for Love in Action in our school community, it is essential and required by us all, like at no other time in recent history.  We as a school community need to play our part. 

  • We have to support each other in the very difficult circumstances over the coming weeks.  
  • We need to follow the guidelines of the health professionals; to perform social distancing, self-isolation when required and washing your hands. 
  • We need to follow the guidance given as to what constitutes a Key worker.  
  • We need to follow the leadership and guidance given by the school principal and staff    
  • We need to stay connected as a school community.  

As I have already written, please support and encourage them as they adapt and develop their response to this emergency, for them and us this is a blank page and we together are painting a new picture of education.   

Thank you 


Revd. Nicholas Dark