Last update: 2020-01-28

Mrs Armstrong



Welcome to SPL1.   I am Mrs Armstrong and our assistant is Mrs Elkin.   Our Primary 1 and 2 children will be working and playing hard as they learn throughout the year.   We hope we will have lots of fun.

This term we will be learning about "Ourselves" and "Where we live". 

We have been learning our doubles and have been using numicon to help.

We have been learning all about shape, number, money, ourselves and where we live. 

We have been very busy making vehicles and bridges during our play for our topic Journeys and Transport. 

In Literacy P2 have been learning to read and spell lots of CVC words.

Primary 1 children have been practising number formation and counting and making sets.

Primary 2 have been learning how to make 20 in different ways using Numicon. They have been recording their work in sums.