Last update: 2020-03-10

Mrs McMath


Welcome to our class page! Our classroom is bright and inviting. We enjoy learning lots of new things. This term we are investigating our topic "Forests and Woodland." Take a look at some of our photographs during the school year!


Our Class teacher is Mrs McMath and our classroom assistants are Mrs Taylor and Mrs Lowry. 


Mrs Taylor, Mrs McMath, Mrs Lowry

There are currently 8 pupils in our class.

We visited the school building site today 

 Term 1


We have been sequencing stories in class. We are also becoming very independent with our cutting and sticking skills. 

We know how to write instructions for carving a pumpkin. 

Fine Motor Skills - We enjoy working on our fine motor skills and warming our hands up before writing. 


We have been ordering numbers, learning doubles and practising our 2 times tables. 

The Arts 

We like to spend time in the Sensory Room in School 


We have been exploring our forests and woodland topic. We can identify parts of a tree. 

We were very excited about the crane moving a new mobile building into our school grounds. We can't wait to have The Learning Tree playgroup beside our school. 

We made chocolate apples in class at Halloween. We got to taste some of the melted chocolate!

We enjoyed carving pumpkins after writing our own instructions. Some of us even had a little taste of the pumpkin! 

Term 1.2



The Arts

Some of our class visited Santa's Grotto at the Christmas Fair

Twinkle the elf has been visiting our classroom 

Mrs McCann's class came to visit us 

Term 2


Some times tables and number practice. 


Lego Therapy

This term, the Speech and Language therapists in school are delivering a Lego Therapy programme with our class on a weekly basis. We are all really enjoying this. For modern information please refer to the leaflets sent home or contact school. 

We really enjoyed getting to see and touch some jungle animals. We weren't scared at all. 

We really enjoy PE in our class. We have been learning to stretch, run, jump, hop, skip, crawl and throw. 

Safer Internet Day 2020

Term 2.2

Data Handling 

We have been learning about bar charts, tally charts, pictograms and Venn diagrams in class. 

Pancake Tuesday 2020

World Book Day 2020

We read the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and made our own books. We designed a front cover, sequenced the story inside and wrote a blurb on the back. 

One of our class members read a story to the rest of our class!