Our school day

Our school day officially begins at 8:45am.

Children are supervised from 8:40 am in the playground, hall or classrooms.


Breakfast Club is available from 8am-8.30 (Children then go out to supervised play until the bell rings)


8.45am - School starts

10.30 - Healthy Break

10.45 - Playtime

11.00 - Back to class

12.00 - Lunchtime

12.45 - Back to class

2.00 - P1 & P2 Finish unless staying for after school clubs

2.00 - P3 Finish unless staying for optional additional learning

3.00 - P3 Finish, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday after additional Learning

3.00 - P4-7 Finish unless staying for after school clubs

3.00-4.00 P5 on Tuesdays stay for literacy support

Please note that the WHOLE SCHOOL will now finish at 2pm on FRIDAY's

(Afterschool clubs will be available until 3pm on Friday's)

Click here to have a look at the ETI Inspection Report from January 2011.