Board Of Governors 2017/2018

Comprising of nine voting members, that is two Parent Representative, two EA Representatives, four Transferor Representatives, (Tranferor representatives nominated by Rector of Magheragall Parish) and one non-voting member the School Principal.

Office Bearers 2014~2018


Rev N Dark

Hon Secretary- (non voting)

 Ms A Hardwick

Transferor Representatives

Revd. N Dark

Miss L Dickey

Miss Y Smyth

Education Board Representatives

Mr G Ellis

Revd. Canon C W Bell

Parent Representatives

Mr J Simpson

Ms J Creighton

Teacher Representative

Mrs P Jones

Principal and Secretary to the Board of Governors (Non-voting Member)

Ms A Hardwick

What are their main responsibilities?

  • The oversight of the curriculum.
  • The control of the budget (shared responsibility with the Education Authority)
  • The provision of information to Parents.
  • The selection of staff.
  • The maintenance of the premises (shared responsibility with the Education Authority).
  • The Admissions Policy.
  • Fostering links with the local community and pursuing the objectives of Education for Mutual Understanding.