Extra Curricular Activities

Autumn Term 2018


  • Burns Skills School: Basketball
  • 3~4pm ECO Club Years 4~7 with Mr Doak


  • Burns Skills School: Gymnastics


  • CK Coaching Football Skills
  • 3~4pm ICT Coding Years 4 & 5 with Mr Deery 


Play Club will run everyday 2~3pm for Years 1 & 2 (Year 1 from October)

Literacy and Numeracy Fun & Games 2~3pm for Year 3 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)



In order to arrange appropriate supervision, we would ask parents to book places for clubs in advance. If your child is unable to attend for any reason, please Dojo their class teacher as early as possible.

We can not add children's names to a club during the school day.


In line with our child protection policy, except in an emergency or when prior written notification is provided, children will only be released from school at their finishing time.