Knockmore Primary School

Fully committed to the Development of Life Skills in Children

Tel: 02892 662 600

Hertford Crescent, Lisburn BT28 1SA


Ms A. Hardwick 



Mr David Cunningham

BEd(Hons) P G Dip (Education) PQH, ATS (BDA) 

(Designated Child Protection Teacher)

Speech and Language Team

Office Staff

Mrs L Smith

Mrs H Watson

Foundation Stage Staff & Key Stage 1

Mrs A Sharpe & Mrs Boyce (Year 1) RE Coordinator

Mrs A Burrows (Year 2) Literacy Coordinator & Deputy Designated Child Protection Teacher

Mrs P Jones (Year 3/4) Head of Foundation/Key Stage 1 & Play Coordinator

Miss R Hanna  (SCU 1) PE Coordinator

Mrs Armstrong (SPL 1) Literacy Coordinator & Deputy Designated Child Protection Teacher

Mrs L Morrison (SPL 2) Art & Design Coordinator

Miss R Leemon (SPL 3) PDMU Coordinator

Learning Support 

Mrs P Simpson

Miss A Chambers

Miss F Joyce

Mr G Doak

Key Stage 2

Ms N Colville (Year 7) Head of Key Stage 2 & Numeracy Coordinator

Miss R Montgomery (Year 5/6) WAU Coordinator

Mrs J Boyd (Year 4/5) Literacy Coordinator

Mrs C Geddis (SCU 3) Assessment Coordinator

Mr C Deery (SPL 4) ICT Coordinator

Mrs N Mcann  (SCU 2) 

Classroom Assistants

 We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated classroom assistants who support both the teachers and children in and out of the classroom.

Kitchen Staff

Caretaker & Team

Mr M Henderson

Mrs J McKillion

Mrs E Sterling