Knockmore Primary School

Physical Education

Physical Education holds a significant place as an Area of Learning within the curriculum, emphasizing children's physical growth, health, and well-being. The Department of Education advocates for schools to allocate a minimum of two hours per week to curricular Physical Education.


Teachers are tasked with fostering children's development of knowledge, understanding, and skills in the following areas:

  1. Athletics (fundamental skills of running, jumping, and throwing)
  2. Dance (activities often intertwined with music and drama)
  3. Games (involving sending, receiving, and traveling)
  4. Gymnastics (emphasizing basic control and movement)
  5. Swimming (mandatory only at Key Stage 2) 


It's paramount that all children derive a sense of enjoyment, satisfaction, and accomplishment through engaging in a variety of progressively challenging and innovative activities. They should grasp the significance of physical activity and its positive impact on overall health.


By implementing a comprehensive and balanced Physical Education program, children can expand their knowledge, understanding, and skills. This empowers them to actively participate and excel in a diverse range of physical activities.

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