Board Of Governors 2018/2019

Comprising of nine voting members, that is two Parent Representative, two EA Representatives, one Teaching Representative, four Transferor Representatives, (Tranferor representatives nominated by Rector of Magheragall Parish) and one non-voting member the School Principal.

Office Bearers 2018~2019


Rev N Dark

Hon Secretary- (non voting)

 Ms A Hardwick

Transferor Representatives

Revd. N Dark

Revd. K Gamble

Miss L Dickey

Miss Y Smyth

Education Board Representatives

Mr G Ellis

Mr J Simpson

Parent Representatives

Mrs H Cunningham

Mr A Caddies

Teacher Representative

Mrs P Jones (Mrs C Geddis during the secondment of Mrs Jones) 

Principal and Secretary to the Board of Governors (Non-voting Member)

Ms A Hardwick

What are their main responsibilities?

  • The oversight of the curriculum.
  • The control of the budget (shared responsibility with the Education Authority)
  • The provision of information to Parents.
  • The selection of staff.
  • The maintenance of the premises (shared responsibility with the Education Authority).
  • The Admissions Policy.
  • Fostering links with the local community and pursuing the objectives of Education for Mutual Understanding.

From left to right: Revd. K Gamble, Miss Y Smyth, Mr A Caddies, Revd. N Dark