Knockmore Primary School

Fully committed to the Development of Life Skills in Children

Tel: 02892 662 600

Hertford Crescent, Lisburn BT28 1SA


Please remember we are a NUT FREE, MANGO FREE and PINEAPPLE FREE ZONE 

A school dinner costs £2.60 per day or £13.00 for the whole week.

This needs to be sent in an envelope on a Monday morning  for that week (or you can order a few weeks at a time) to your child's class teacher, clearly marked with child's name, class, days dinner required and amount enclosed.  Teachers will not be handling cash and will send the envelope directly to the office.   It can be paid in either cash or cheque.  If paying by cash, please send the correct amount of money as, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we wish to limit handling cash and do not send cash home.

All children, including those who receive free school meals, need to order their meals on a Monday.  For waste management and hygiene reasons, the kitchen purchases and prepares quantities of food based on Monday's orders.

Whether your child pays for meals or takes free school meals, ALL MEALS need to be ordered by 10 am with the kitchen.  If your child will arrive late to school and you wish them to have a meal, please let the teacher or office know before 9.45 am so that a meal can be ordered.

Due to COVID-19, we have very strict rules in place regarding sharing items in school, and this includes food.  Please ensure that your child has something to eat for break, as well as booking dinner or providing a packed lunch.   We do not have any 'extra' or 'spare' supplies in school and cannot provide a snack.  


 Hot food  is available from 14th September.  The menu is below, but this is subject to change depending on current guidelines.

Menu updated 29.9.20