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Keeping our children safe in a digital age, is something that we take very seriously at Knockmore Primary School.  We teach all year groups progressively about E-safety in order to equip them with all of the knowledge and skills that they will need. 

To find out more about what you can do as parents/carers/grandparents, visit the ThinkUKnow website for support materials and advice.  It is run by the Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) Command of the National Crime Agency.  CEOP provide regular updates free of charge.

E-safety is something that Knockmore Primary School takes very seriously, in order to ready our children for their current and future needs.  It is embedded within both the PDMU curriculum, as well as within our ICT curriculum.  In addition to this, E-safety is a regular part of the learning experience.  In the digital age, IT is an essential learning resource for all subjects.  Therefore, whenever IT is used, the common language and routines of being safe online is part of children's understanding of staying safe.

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