Knockmore Primary School

Year 2 Autumn Term 2023 - Pikemere School Alsager

The class teacher is Mrs Burrows.

Our classroom assistants are Mrs Hobson and Mrs Fell. 

We are also really lucky to have two Laurelhill students helping in our classroom, Jorja and Dempsie. 

.         We have been using Numicon to help us with our adding! 

We discussed how we were similair and how we were different. We had to sort ourselves. 

Even Mrs Burrows was sorted as well. 

We collected information about the hair colour in our class. 

We recorded the information on a table and then used this to make a pictogram. 

We were able to see that brown was the most popular colour and strawberry blonde was the least popular. 

Halloween was fun in Year 2. 

We wore our costumes, had a disco, made some split pin figures, carved pumpkins and have written a spell!

We have been learning all about money. 




During anti-bullying week we did lots of different activities.


1.We wore odd socks.  


2. Our School Council came to talk to us about bullying and read us a story.


3. We watched a video called 'for the birds.' We talked about the actions of the charcters and was there bullying and if so, who was the bully. 

Year 2 enjoy learning through play. 


In these photos the pupils are writing cards that can be posted in our post office. 

Some are making homes for the animals using natural materials. 

Others are working on their fine motor skills by doing jigsaw puzzles, making pictures using pin a shape and making patterns in the test tube. 

We were using our adding sums to make the related subtraction sum. 

Christmas learning through Literacy and Numeracy. 

During our topic of toys we had a look at some of the toys Mrs Burrows had as a child. 

We compared them to toys we have today and how they are similar and how they are different. 

After looking at the toys we had to have a go.
It was a lot harder for some to keep our balance. 

We were so lucky to have a visit to the Fire Engine.

We got to spray water and knock down the cone. 

We have made our own clocks to help us learn the time.

Now we know how long it is until lunch time and home time. ⏰

During World Book Day, we had to guess who was behind the mask for our masked reader competition. Did you spot Mrs Burrows?

We also got to pick our free book!

We had a crazy hair day. 

Some had sprayed their hair, some had glitter in it and one girl had 2 buns in hers. 

We have been measuring!

Today we were using our feet to measure our friends. We all got different measurements. It was agreed that this was because everyone has different size feet. 

Mrs Burrows was between 8 and 11 feet long. 

Our Christmas lunch was yummy!!

We waited for Santa to come and give us a gift, and then we had our Christmas party in our classroom. 

Year 2 have been working hard on their reading skills including their high frequency word recognition and spelling. 
Everyone has made fantastic progress and all are getting harder reading books to read.

Year 2 have been learning about ‘Three Little Pigs.’

We had to write the story in the correct order. 

We also read the wolf’s version of the story and we had to decide which character was telling the truth- the pigs or the wolf. 
Who do you think is telling the truth?

We have read ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’

With the help of our students we were able to describe the characters in the story. 

Our car has broken down. Luckily we have mechanics on site to help fix it. The oil has been changed, tyres changed and windows checked. One strong mechanic even lifted the engine out!

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