Knockmore Primary School


Our class teacher is Mrs Sweeney

        Our classroom assistants are: Mrs Cushnie, Mr Ellis, Mrs Shaqir and Miss McConville








We have been using numicon to help us with place value and subtracton.






































We played 'Getting to Know You' Bingo and discovered fun facts about each other!





























We made a human number line to sequence numbers to 1000.






























We had some fun before our Halloween Break bobbing for apples!





























Using IZAK9 is fun and helps us with our Maths problem solving skills.































In Literacy, we have been putting modal verbs on a possibility scale and using them in sentences linked to our text 'Oranges in No Mans Land'.


























We used place value charts to help us multiply decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.



























 As part of Anti-Bullying Week, our school councillors held an assembly giving us lots of information.


























We have been learning all about the author of our new book, Louis Sachar. We had to sequence events in the order that they appeared in the text.

















The boys in our new book 'Holes' have to dig a hole every day that is 5ft deep and 5ft wide. We made our own hole so we could see how deep this actually was!!





















For our homework, we made a fact file all about Texas. This is where Holes is set. We looked at climate, wildlife and food.







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