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Letter from Ms Hardwick

25 August 2020 (by admin)

Dear parents,
Today was a great day for pupils returning to Knockmore Primary School.  The arrangements in place to promote social distancing and hand hygiene went more smoothly than anticipated. The teachers had a debriefing meeting in the afternoon to troubleshoot any snags. Whilst there were some issues to be ironed out, the unanimous feeling was that it was a GREAT first day that had gone incredibly smoothly!!!
Can I please commend your children - they settled so readily, even our little primary one children. New pupils also coped well on their first day in our school. 
The children were not phased by temperature checks, hand sanitisation and hand washing schedules, arrows on the floor, signage, border lines to split areas into zones etc. They were unbelievably resilient and adaptive to their first day back. 
Thank you so very much for adhering to the staggered start - there was a steady trickle of parents from 8.45-9.15 am. We will monitor this and schedule specific classes to specific drop off times if required. However, the first day was very smooth in this respect.
As a staff, we all commented on how wonderful it was to have so many children back at school and adapting to our changes. Again, thank you for your patience and tolerance in recent weeks as we have grappled with implementing these changes. I am still awaiting a reply from the EA Transport Department in relation to the request for a 2.00 pm stop for the month of September and most possibly beyond this. I will keep you posted upon their response as soon as possible and hopefully tomorrow.
Kind regards
Andrea Hardwick