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Letter from Ms Hardwick 30-8-21

30 August 2021 (by Mr Deery (SPL4))

Dear parents and guardians,
I am writing to apologise to you for an unavoidable change to our school calendar list. We were due to receive essential training from staff in EA during the August Baker Days but this was postponed due to DE guidance in relation to covid. We need to access this training as a priority as it will help us to support our pupils. DE guidance now allows EA to provide face to face staff training and are in a position to provide this staff training on the following dates:
Friday 17th September
Friday 1st October
I am sorry to schedule this last minute change to our pupil holiday list. Pupils will not be in school on the above two days. These two teaching days will be provided instead on what was previously scheduled to be a pupil holiday. Thus the pupils will now be coming into school instead on:
21st December 2021
6th June 2022
Again, I apologise for this last minute change to our school calendar. We were left with no choice as EA staff were not allowed to go into schools to provide training in August. 
I very much appreciate your support and understanding on this. A new school calendar will be posted on the website.
On a more positive note, we are making great progress with the construction work for our additional accommodation. The framework of the 3 new modular classrooms is due to arrive on Monday 30th August and Tuesday 31st August. This is expected to arrive in 12 separate pieces. This will provide the shell of these three classrooms. The overall work is hoped to be completed within 16 weeks and we are nearly a month into the work. At a site meeting in July, it was agreed that site deliveries would be avoided during pupil arrival and pick up. There is fencing in place around the two construction areas ie the junior end of the school and the senior end of the school. However, I would ask that you closely supervise your children around the fencing during drop off and pick up. Our senior playground has been significantly reduced in size for this term to accommodate the building work. Likewise, there is safety fencing along the path leading into the junior playground.
There is currently work being done to upgrade the footpaths in the Knockmore area so I would also ask you to be vigilant about your safety and that of your children upon drop off and pick up. 
Although there will be a period of disruption to our school community, the end result will be very beneficial to the children and reflect an upgrade to the accommodation that we offer in Knockmore Primary School.
A very warm welcome awaits both you and your children on Wednesday. We are so pleased to be starting this school year with face to face teaching. We hope this will be the case for the entire school year. I would ask that parents and carers adhere to the advice and guidance from the Department of Health in relation to covid. Please ensure social distancing when dropping off and collecting your children. 
The most wonderful sensory equipment and resources have been installed in the school during the summer holidays. This has been funded by the money raised by the school community during the Cool Fm fundraiser. Thank you so very much to each and every one of you who donated to this very successful fundraiser. The children will greatly benefit directly from the money raised. The sensory equipment and resources will support sensory needs and pupil well-being.
To finish, can I thank all of our parents and carers for the support you give to our school community. To new families  joining us, we extend a very warm welcome to you. Your child’s journey is just beginning in our school community and we welcome him or her into our classes. 
If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We have an open door policy here in Knockmore Primary School.
Looking forward to seeing all of our school community back together again 
on Wednesday!!!!
Kind regards
Andrea Hardwick
Principal Knockmore Primary School